Friday, November 16, 2012

Looking Forward

Last Saturday on the 10th I was honored to have been elected the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Arizona Professional Land Surveyors association.  I have always felt that a professional should always give back to the profession they work in.  As a means of educating and serving the profession; to keep it moving forward.

As hard times have enveloped our state and thus all but shut down our profession.  Now is the time that service is needed most.  APLS is going to be getting proactive on several issues; it would be nice if our membership would use this down time to get engaged.  The internet, email, the cell phone, a simple letter; whatever.  Let the Chapter directors know how you feel about whatever it is that needs to be addressed.

I am looking forward to serving APLS for the next 2 years.  Here is my vision:

1.  I would like to see Continuing Education adopted by the BTR
2.  I would like to see the Minimum Standards updated and adopted by the BTR
3.  I would like to see the State Specific exam re-opened and updated
4. I would like to see the reqiurements for licensure be updated to include the following structure:
     A. a 4-year degree and 4 years of experience
     B. 36 hrs of surveying classes and 10 years of experience
     C. 15 years of experience in responsible charge.

If one of those gets done I will be happy.  As far as Item #4 is concerned; I honestly beleive that because of the way our para-professionals are being trained a blanket 4-5 years of experience is not sufficient.

Let me know what you think.