Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It is almost Field Season

The days are getting longer and they are starting to get warmer.  It must be time for field season to start.  Personally I cannot wait.  The phone is starting to ring and the work list is starting to grow.  I hope this trend continues.  I promised myself that I would not get political and I won't.  However I will say this;  I am tired of the politicians using us small business people as cannon fodder.  Just let us alone and watch us make the economy work.

Anyway, It is looking like I am going to be on the road this year.  I find myself having to travel to the work.  I generally try not to do this because most the time the local surveyors can handle the work and would like the opportunity.  However I have a couple of clients that insist I travel for them.  Therefore they call, I hall.  In the interest of fairness; I have seen foreign surveyors in the metro Round Valley area so I guess I shouldn't worry to much.

When I do work in an area outside my normal coverage; I try to make contact with the local surveyor(s) in that area and get a feel for the neighborhood.  Sometimes they treat me poorly because they resent the fact that I am there.  Sometimes they open their files and welcome me in.  I understand the resentment.  Hell I don't like foreign surveyors working in my town.  But I get over it quickly.  I wish these guys would come by the office and say hi.  I would be more than happy to share whatever inside information I have about the Round Valley area.  However nobody ever does.

We as professionals have got to get past this attitude that any other surveyor is a threat.  We have got to start embracing each other as colleagues and cooperate in ways that benefit us all instead of cutting each others throats.  We as individual surveyors, must come to realize we are apart of a much greater profession than our own offices.  Once we resolve to treat each other with mutual respect; then the community will regard us with the respect we have been wanting; but needing to earn.

So anyway; as I start to gear up for a hectic summer; who knows I may be coming to a neighborhood near you.  If so, I look forward to talking to you....