Thursday, January 23, 2014

Philosophical Dilemma

There has been a lot of back and forth about revising the minimum standards.  There has been a great deal of effort made to revise the ABSMS by a group of surveyors from all over the state.  Their efforts are to be applauded.  The current standards leave much to be desired and were an attempt to fix a problem they weren't equipped to fix.

I have begun to think that maybe minimum standards for our practice is the wrong approach.  Maybe we should think about a "Manual of Surveying Instructions for the Private Land within the State of Arizona".  Much like the template of the BLM Manual.  I envision it to be structured like this:

Chapter 1 - Authorities
                     State Board of Technical Registration Rules and Statutes
Chapter 2 - County Subdivisions
                       County Subdivision Statutes
 Chapter 3 - City Subdivisions
                       City Subdivision Statutes 
Chapter 4 - Dependent Resurveys & Independent Resurveys
                        Public Land Survey System
                        Tracts, Mineral Claims, Special Surveys
Chapter 5 -  Platting
                         General requirements for platting
                          County Recorder Requirements
Chapter 6 - Field Notes / Legal Descriptions
                          General Construction of legal descriptions
Chapter 7 - Easements and Right of Ways
Chapter 8 - Control Surveying
Chapter 9 - Topographic mapping
Chapter 10 - Definitions
Chapter 11 - Index of Case Law.

Wouldn't a manual serve our purpose to educated better than a "minimum standard"?