Tuesday, August 4, 2015

More on Standard of Care versus Minimum Standards

Life is funny.  I had no sooner certified the vote the APLS membership took on our recommended changes to the existing Minimum Standards; when I got home my inbox was full of correspondence from NM surveyors talking about their minimum standards.

Personally however you may feel about ours take a look at the level of detail that are in NM's.  They go to great strides to define everything under the sun specifically.  So recently I have been involved in discussions relating to Standard of Care.
Arizona sort of addresses Standard of Care this way:

R4-30-301 A.A.C. 6. A registrant shall apply the technical knowledge and skill that would be applied by other qualified registrants who practice the same profession in the same area and at the same time.

However the statement "in the same area" seems to undo the intent of this paragraph.  Reason being that if a group of surveyors all trained the same way all be it incorrectly could in fact set the bar for the entire profession in that area no matter how horrific.  However that is a double edged sword.  Because if one of these guys come to an area where the Standard of Care set by the Locals is a lot higher then they can be subject BTR action.

The BTR is not real quick to use this tool and that is a real shame.  because it is a heavey hammer to swing.