Friday, February 26, 2016

Open the Arizona State Board of Technical Registration

To THOSE Whom Wish to Deregulate the Surveying Profession;

The reasoning behind why we need to regulate the profession is clear to the professional.  However I will attempt to make the reasoning clear:
     1.  Regulation provides a standard of minimum competency to be recognized as ready to practice.
     2.  Regulation enforces a standard of practice set forth by the profession.
     3.  SHOULD provide a standard of continued competency of the profession.  Arizona is now embracing a model of making continuing education a part of the discipline process.  Therefore we are almost there.

What is the impact of the Land Surveyor on Society?  Well our profession does not have the bravado of the public safety professions.  Nor does it have the notoriety of the medical profession.  Or the stature of the sanctimonious design professionals.  The land Surveying profession is a vanguard profession.  The professional surveyor takes the one of largest expenditures in a person's life and shows them where it is; shows them the status of boundary; lets you where the land is; and how much of it there is.  Not very sexy at all.  However most of any individual's personal wealth depends on it.

Nothing is built unless the land it is built on is guaranteed and secured.  Nothing is financed by banks or other lenders unless the land guaranteeing the loan is secured.  Land ownership and land tenure is the basic principle that sets the United States of America apart from most other nations.  Yet it is the Land Surveyor who makes up the thread of the fabric of our land tenure system.  Without the land surveyor to definitively provided the who, what, where, why, when, and how, of a real estate transaction how does the average land owner discern for themselves the intricacies of land ownership.  Land stewardship is more complex than "caveat em tor".  When it comes to land transactions we make the cloudy, clear.  We bring light to dark spaces.  We answer questions that people didnt even know they had.

Therefore the next time you want ask why should Land Surveyors be regulated? Think about what I have said and how it applies before you refinance your house or you buy you next investment property.    

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